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Thema: 3 year loser goes from 4 pennies to Fortune, Overnight !!
Datum: 15.07.1997 12:26:27 MEZ
From: *************
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Introducing the




Replaces Laundry Detergent Forever!



You wouldn’t happen to know anyone that does laundry and wants to make money, would you?


Dateline: 7/8/1997


Breakthrough Technology Revolutionizes the way an Entire Population Cleans,Overnight!
„I can’t believe my eyes ! My clothes are cleaner, whiter & brighter than ever,
without SUDS !“ says 56 year old Minnesotan Elaine Brown.
„I went from having 4 cents in my pocketbook to…….“



Month 1 $16,614


Month 2 $28,000


Month 3 ?????




Elaine is not the only one: 300-400 people earned between $1000 & $2000 in their very first month of business.64 people earned in excess of $3000, in 30 days!! 46 people earned over $5000 !! Many others achieved 1st month incomes in excess of $10,000, $20,000 & even $50,000 !#@! AND we won’t even mention the husband and wife that earned over $90,000, their very FIRST MONTH IN THE BUSINESS!!! $1.2 million paid out in month 1 to people just like you.

FOR A 2 MINUTE OVERVIEW CALL TOLL-FREE ************* ext# 1701 (call back if busy) or go to our web site at ************* Don’t forget to check out our Amazing 30 Day Success Stories ************* (please check back if web sites not responding) Send All email requests to ************* Be sure to include Name& Phone Number for Immediate Response please read on…… Every once in a while a product comes along that changes the way we live our lives. Examples of some of these breakthrough technologies are: the microwave oven, the automobile, the dishwasher & the washing machine. Through advanced technology, everyone knows what happened to the multi-billion dollar vinyl record industry when the compact disc came out. The Revolutionary Earthsmart Laundry CD is going to do to laundry what the compact disc did to music.


It is with great pleasure that we bring you the best thing that has happened to laundry since the invention of the mechanical washing machine.



Introducing the


Music to Your Clothes


Replaces Laundry Detergent Forever!




Imagine, being able to do literally thousands of loads of laundry without the use of toxic laundry detergent or fabric softener. And still have your clothes come out fresh and clean!!





SAVES MONEY The Earthsmart Laundry CDTM lasts approximately 2500 washes. It keeps Washing& washing& Washing & washing & Washing…… Never buy fabric softeners, static sheets, or detergents ever again! Save thousands over the life of your CD. SAVES THE ENVIRONMENT Each Earthsmart Laundry CDTM eliminates 600 lbs of detergent from ever polluting our water. The Earthsmart Laundry CDTM is 100% Recyclable& 100% Non Polluting. CHEMICAL FREE WASHING No liquid or powdered detergent is used. A Cleaner, Fresher, Softer wash. 100% HYPOALLERGENIC No soap. No chemicals. No residues that remain on your clothes and touch your skin! No allergens such as phosphorous, dyes, fillers, and perfumes. EASY TO USE Simply put the Earthsmart Laundry CDTM in your washer. Don’t take it out until 2500 loads have been completed. Dry as normal. EXTENDS THE LIFE OF YOUR CLOTHES Do you know where lint comes from? Harsh chemicals breakdown your fabrics resulting in what we call lint that gathers in your dryer. The Earthsmart Laundry CDTM IS FABRIC FRIENDLY. Say Goodbye to lint!! Your favorite clothes last forever!



Best of all, the Earthsmart Laundry CDTM is demonstratable & is 100% GUARANTEED.


This Product Replaces a product that is used worldwide everyday. ESTIMATED MARKET POTENTIAL 1000 loads of laundry are started every second in the U.S. alone! 100 million washing machines in America. A $20 Billion Market. “O.K., So how much can I make?” you ask. Here is an example: Do you know 4 people who do laundry, are interested in saving money & the environment & want extra income? And do you think that they know 4 people who do laundry, are interested in saving money & the environment & want extra income? If this cycle repeats itself just one more time, that would yield you $5532 per month in residual income!! Do you know what residual income is? It is income that keeps coming in on a recurring basis, regardless of whether or not you get out of bed in the morning! ______________________________________ We chose to market this product through network marketing. Network marketing, because of modern communications technology & the need to more efficiently distribute products, is exploding all over the world. Fortunes are being made right now by people just like you !! Why? This is a product that Really sells itself. Just look at what others are saying about this Revolutionary product & Opportunity of a Lifetime

I’ve tried so many other ‚opportunities‘ in the past. They were a waste of time & money. In my first month with this company, I was able to make over $5000! I’m excited. Mitchell, Florida

I got my Laundry CD’s on Monday. By Tuesday I gave them out to Five of my friends. By Wednesday all of them paid for the laundry CD and four of them decided to join me in my business. This is too easy. Ray, Michigan

My clothes feel softer, smell fresher & are so much cleaner. My favorite jeans that always come out stiff with detergent, are now so soft that they feel like butter. I’ll never use laundry detergent ever again!! Sean, Maryland

I just go over to my friend’s house & demo the product. While the Laundry CD does its magic, we watch soap operas. I’m having fun while the CD goes to work for me. Sheila, Ohio

I have a little story of my own about the laundry disc. I got mine two days ago and really wanted to put it to the test. So what I did was, I took a piece of white cloth and smeared chocolate sauce, ketchup, and vegetable oil on it with a knife, mashing it in, and put it in with the rest of the dirty clothes. Well, honestly, I didn’t expect to see it all come out, but, lo and behold, it was all gone! Absolutely amazing! I’m convinced, & I tell this to everyone that I talk to. Sybil, Las Vegas

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